(P)(C) 2002 IMOGENA AB
(C) 2002 Spice of Life Inc.
SOL IG-0001
1 Success-Failure
2 Get It
3 Witnessing
4 At Ease
5 Fred(Dedicated to Fred Sturm)
6 Quiet Mornings
7 Inner Flow
8 Just Being
9 New Blues
10 Resting In The Shadow
11 The Wounded Healer Can Heal
12 Reading Music
All music composed and arranged by Lars Jansson
Recorded at the Swedish Radio, studio 12,
Geteborg28/2-1/3 2002.
W herever you go
d I fficult to keep close to your true self
to s T ay in focus
busy mo N key mind
d E sires
pa S sions
a re S tless mind thinking of
th I s and that
impressio N s of past
plannin G for tomorrow
when W ords stop
s I lence
the wa T er
in the po N d becomes
cl E ar
tran S parent
you  S ee the bottom
noth I ng
betwee N  you and existence
G od smiles
see the W orld
w I th open eyes
accep T whatever
happe N s
c E lebrate
ju S t being
at ea S e
w I th yourself
livi N g
witnessin G
by Lars Jansson
Lars Jansson <piano>
Lars Danielsson <bass>
Anders Kjellberg <drums>
Copyright(c)2003- Lars Jansson. All rights reserved. "Contact"