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SOL IG-0003
A Window Towards Being
1 More human
2 I see better with my eyes closed
3 To the little man
4 A window towards being
5 The eye of consciousness
6 Consolation
7 Marionette
8 The man with the cucumber
9 True face
10 The inner room
11 To the mothers in Brazil
12 Ma
13 Atlantico
All compositions by Lars Jansson
Recorded in Rainbow Studio Oslo by
Jan-Erik Kongshaug February 1991.
hA window towards beingh
I close my eyes and enter the inner room.
With the eye of my consciousness
I try to see my True Face.
In music we share our deepest feelings.
Music is a window towards being.
by Lars Jansson
Lars Jansson <piano>
Lars Danielsson <bass>
Anders Kjellberg <drums>
Brynjar Buff <oboe>
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