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SOL IG-0005
The Time We Have
1 Heritage
Jansson, Danielsson, Kjellberg
2 Lightmap
Jansson, Danielsson, Kjellberg
3 Sonare
4 Long Ago And Far Away
Jerome Kern
5 The Time We Have
6 Something To Eat
Jansson, Danielsson, Kjellberg
7 Suite
8 Eyes
9 The Free Rose
Jansson, Danielsson, Kjellberg
10 Lila
Jansson, Danielsson, Kjellberg
11 Lacrimosa
12 Autumn Leaves
Joseph Kosma
13 Remembering Issa
Recorded March 29th 1996
at Rainbow Studio, Oslo.
hThe time we haveh
In comparison with the lenght of time the univere has existed, a human life is merely a passing breeze. A fantastic, wonderful and mysical event, but oh so brief. Watching our own children and those of others growing up gives us a close-up of the rapid passage of time. Being human (as opposed to being animal) implies becoming aware of the brevity of time.We are born, we grow, we mature and develop, we age and die. The myth of Adam and Eve tasting the fruit of the tree of knowledge, for better or for worse, symbolizes becoming aware of what it is to be a human being.
hThe time we haveh refers to the time we have been given, a gift possibly meted out in advance.
Initially we see this as sorrowful and depressing. We ask ourselves wether there is actually any point to this complex life we are trying to live. If we are not paralysed by the pain, our awerness of the situation may turn it around, into a possitive effort to get what we can get out of life, to nurture the life we are given, to develope our potential, to live more intensevely, secure in the eternal now.
Milarepa said; hI want to live and die without regreth
by Lars Jansson
Lars Jansson <piano>
Lars Danielsson <bass>
Anders Kjellberg <drums>
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