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SOL SV-0011
In Search Of Lost Time
Lars Jansson Trio
1 There Is A Butterfly In My Room
2 At-one-ment
3 Midsummer
4 Siljan Waltz
5 In Search Of Lost Time
6 Simple Song Simple Life
7 One Hand Clapping
8 Fisherman
9 GodLs Delays Are Not GodLs Denials
10 A rare Italian Bird
11 Where is the blues 4
12 Gods who shit
13 New Room
14 Hilda
Recorded at Nilent Studio in Gothenburg
on 2009 March 25-27
Lars Jansson <piano>
Christian Spering <bass>
Anders Kjellberg <drums>
In search of lost time is the english translation of Marcel ProustLs masterpiece A`la recherche du temps perdu. In swedish it concists of seven volymes, more then 4000 pages. It is a demanding book but when you get into ProustLs world you canLt stop. His language is so beautiful and after some time you enter a kind of timeless, meditative state of mind.
As ProustLs book is about different experience of time and looking back into your life the music on this cd is a mix of old tunes I found while cleening and repairing my musicroom and some new, fresh tunes. The oldest one is more then twentyfive years old and the latest I made one day before recording. The focus this time was not so much on the compositions, but more on improvising and having fun playing in the studio.
There is A Butterfly In My Room is in memory of Anna, a sweet girl and friend of my daughter who died only thirteen years old. After her death I watched an interview with Elisabeth Kubler Ross who sais that; hLiving is like being caught in a pup and dying is getting wings and becoming a butterflyh. Exact at that moment a butterfly comes inside my room. It flies around for a while, than sits down on my left shoulder, shows itLs beautiful wings and then flies out through the open window.
At-one-ment. Many of my songtitles and cd titles have to do with living in the present, here and now. So often difficult but the only way to live at peace with yourself and celbrating life.
Midsummer. The Swedish midsummer is something extraordinary.
Siljan Waltz. Very old tune composed at Siljan, Dalarna many years ago. Simple and easy and fun to play on.
In Search of Lost Time. Title tune of the cd. Has some Ellingtone in itLs melody and harmony.
Simple Song, Simple Life. A tune I found in my scatch book in my country house. It is so simple that I almost felt embarresed to play it. Now I like it more and more. It is difficult to write simple music that still have honesty and deph. Same thing with life. It is a skill to live a simple, natural life.
One Hand Clapping. A tvelve tone piece. The melody you here is made of 12 plus 12 tones, the prime form and the retrograde form. The piano improvise over these twentyfour tones and the bass over the tvelve tone inversion and the tvelve retrograde inverson. The sound of one hand clapping is a famous Zen koan.
Fisherman is dedicated to a young guitarist, a friend of my son.
GodLs Delays are not GodLs Denails. We need to have patient in our lifes. What we can not achive today we might achieve some day in the future when we ar ready for it.
A Rare Italien Bird is originally dedicated to the great italien clarinetist Gabrielle Mirabasi but I would like to dedicate this piece to some other great Italien birds too. Mimmo Paladino who is one of my favorite artists and who has made so many beautiful covers for my cds including this one. Franco Leidi, also a great artist that died last year. He was from Italy but lived many years in Sweden working as an artist and teaching at Valand, Goteborg. A new Italien friend and a great drummer is Carlo Bernardinelli.
Where is the Blues 4. On the album hWorship of Selfh I composed some more abstract and free music but built on the blues form. This is the 4th piece with this concept. To use the blues form as the classical composers use the fuge or sonata form.
Gods who Shit is and old tune built on the african 12/8 groove. As humans we are both animals and spiritual beings.
New Room. My new music room gives me inpiration to work and compose. Hopefully I will find some new inner rooms.
Hilda is our grandchild. An angel that inspire us all with her sweet smile.
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