(P)(C) 2003 IMOGENA AB
(C) 2003 Spice of Life Inc.
SOL IG-0004
Invisible Friends
1 Invisible friends
2 Learn to live
3 The great belonging
4 Freedom and destiny I
5 Freedom and destiny II
6 At least often
7 Free for three
8 The white cliff
9 Autumn blues
10 Presence
11 The quiet mind
12 The return to zero
13 I have nothing to say and
I am saying it
14 Under the bodhi tree
All music composed and arranged by Lars Jansson
except "Free for three" by Lars Jansson,
Lars Danielsson and Anders Kjellberg.
Recorded in Rainbow Studio Oslo by
Jan-Erik Kongshaug in January 1995.
Lars Jansson <piano, synthesizer>
Lars Danielsson <bass>
Anders Kjellberg <drums>
Copyright(c)2003- Lars Jansson. All rights reserved. "Contact"